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This video was cut tragically short when my camera died six minutes into shooting it (doh!). Fortunately, that six minutes is full of hot dick sucking, dildo riding, and buttplug insertion. I get spitroasted in two different positions, and at one point I’m triple-stuffed with my pussy being fucked, a buttplug in my ass, and a big dildo down my throat. Another perk of the camera dying is that it makes this one of my most affordable videos yet. 🙂 Enjoy
It’s the Fourth of July I decided to celebrate with my glass toy.
I get a little wet, then a little soapy..then very naughty!
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[/b] It was another one of those days where it’s just so crackled with eroticism in my apartment. And the first user who had come to my shooting was warm up for a hot blowjob from me. He was really well equipped and I wanted to feel his enormous cock in my mouth and spoil him. But that’s not all. He wanted to lick my mature Milf-pussy, feel me, smell and taste. And from the blowjob so was a Megageile number ’69. With his nimble tongue he spoiled my pussy until she shrugged. And then he squirts his cream into his mouth. Wow, a horny start to the day of shooting
I want to tease you and be your little princess! In this clip I tease and spit all over my new paci while showing off my cute new bathing suit
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You and your date are having so much fun. Laughing, chatting, flirting…you are sure you two are going to hook up. When she gets up to use the restroom, you can’t help yourself. I mean, she left the door open, she’s asking for you to watch, right? Only, she doesn’t sit down to pee. She stands and pisses, like a dude. You can’t believe it. That’s the unmistakable sound of a guy’s stream hitting the bowl, of that you are sure. When she comes out of the bathroom and sees you standing there, you confront her. She acts all offended that you were watching but you deserve an explanation! She sits you down and tells you that she is a futa – a girl with a cock! You’ve always loved futanari porn…It doesn’t take long for her to take out her big girl cock and stroke it while you watch and jerk off too. Soon you’re both covering her tits in big fat loads
watch me cum and squirt and rub it on my yellow panties which now have a new home
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Oh no.. I hurt my ankle and have to wear this horrible walking boot cast. It’s so big and clunky and I’m so embarrassed and miserable. But an orgasm will make me feel better
Watch Riley eat me out until I cum so hard that my legs shake. Lots of loud moaning!

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Addictions. Do you have any? Well I am most definitely addicted to nicotine and smoke like crazy. And of course I am a sex addict and I love to masturbate. And I also have a shopping addiction. The mall is my favorite place to be. This video involves all of my addictions. I am sitting in the parking garage at the mall before I go shopping. I hang out in my car a little bit, first enjoying a cigarette and then enjoying, well ya know. I have a butt plug that I put in before I left the house. The life of an addict. I also have a glass dildo and a vibrator. I am guessing you know what CUMS next. ME of course! Watch as I cum in my car with the commotion of mall shoppers going on around me.
Relax for Me today. Turn off your brain and just stare. Gaze at My perfection. Become totally helpless. I am everything you want. I control you. I own you. You will do anything to please Me. I know your weaknesses and I will always exploit them in the most devilish of ways. You’re completely obsessed with My gorgeous, powerful feet. Surrendering is no longer a question, it has become instinct. My beautiful soles brings you life. Obey, give in. No thoughts, just worship.
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[/b] Your dad says my outfits are too slutty to be wearing around the house, what do you think step bro? Pretty cute yeah? Wanna see a little more? You can look but you can’t touch! Well maybe you can fuck me just a little, this is all getting me so wet. Did you come in me??? Oh my god you weren’t supposed to do that, but it feels so good! Doggystyle self fucking with a drippy faux creampie at the end! FREE VIDEO REWARDS Leave four full reviews and get one solo vid free! Message me once you’re done
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I made you this video while you’re gone to let you know what i would do to you if you were here. . .I’m all dressed up in my new bra & panty set just for you. i touch myself all over and tease my pussy, before i have a big orgasm for you to watch.I hope you like it. See you soon, I’ve got big plans for next time. . .

Do fake boobs glow under a flashlight? Guest starring Nakita Lynn!
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