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while making a previous vid i noticed a guy across the road watching me thru his window, i decide to give him something to watch and play with my vibe till i orgasm
I cosplay as Harley Quinn accent, bodysuit and all. In this role playing fantasy, you play Batman whom I’ve captured. You’re tied up, unable to escape and I’ve got a bad case of gas! I’m going to unload all my stinkers into your face B-man! Puddin’ would be proud!This clip is jam PACKED with farts
I noticed you starring at my new gym shoes when I was working out today. Most men will stare at my long legs or big tits. But not you! When I caught you looking a few times you seem so embarrassed! Do you have some kind of shoe fetish?? LOL Hmmm I can definitely have some fun with this! I’m going to make you kiss my gym shoes and worship them. Would you like that? It definitely seems like you would! WOW! is it making your dick hard as I talk about it?? Ha Ha Ha Kneel at my feet I have a treat for you!
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[/b] Sensual masturbation-Enjoy me undressing for you and playing with my pussy with fingers,spreading my pussy in close ups and getting very wet for you!There’s some masturbation from my Point of View and squrting! Enjoy
Join me with a nice glass of wine and some toenail painting
Guess what! I got some new balloons to play with!!!! I want to try my big red one out first. Watch me blow it all the way up! But careful not to let it pop! Bonus: my boobies are out. 😉
While only wearing my cute striped top, I use my glass wand to bring myself to an intense and wet orgasm ^.^ Filmed in HD
His dick is perfect for my mouth. I get on my knees, and give him all I have, with some drool. I let him give me his load inside my mouth.
I’ve got a naughty little secret, do you want to know what it is? My panties have been sooo wet all day and all I can think about is having some fun with you. I love teasing you and watching you get hard for me, I love bending over and showing you my ass. I pull my wet panties to the side and show you my little pussy, I know you just can’t wait to slide inside and feel it wrap around your cock! I take my panties off and suck your cock to get you wet for me, then I slide you inside of me. I roll my hips, I bounce up and down, I let you fuck me, and I beg for you to keep going! Your cock feels so good inside of me, I can’t help buy play with my clit, I want to cum on your cock so badly
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[/b] Testing out household items on my pussy! Watch me feel the difference between a sharpie, a paint brush, a toothbrush, and an electric toothbrush on my tight, virgin pussy
Watch as Tiffany ( Bride Of Chucky ) transforms herself into a smoking hot ~k i l l e r~ barbie bride
I dance in this video using my nightie below I go into the shower , I love and I enjoy showering = P

That’s my BIG PIG boss has been in the habit for a while to close the lock room saying he is not disturbed because he takes a coffee break but instead of coffee takes another kind of break. .You know TO boss i can not say NO though his fantasies are a bit special or i lose my job in a moment but in reality I do not mind at all do the slut x him to make him come tough …he wants to talk and do the slut as he follows it so hard, it provokes him slowly stripping me and masturbating in front of him looking at me as I enjoy with all the games he has bought for these special coffee break occasions. .Is he always gets stronger, he tightens and gets older when I tell him how much I like fucking and I’m a big bitch in bed when I aim. The dying thing that he initially addresses to me as if he could not have me, he is hard with me, and he does not resist me anymore and I bang to him my ass with strength and then kneels under my desk and bumps it in my mouth, sucks His cock while with my hand pushes my head makes me spit on and tells me this is the practice you know how to do better bitch! Sucks! All in the throat I want to hear it!And today I’ve been able to keep my job, who know what he’ll ask me to do tomorrow;)#############################################################LA SEGRETARIA E LA PAUSA CAFFE’Quel maiale del mio capo ha preso l’abitudine da un po’ di tempo di chiudere la stanza a chiave dicendo di non essere disturbato xche si prende una pausa caffe ma invece del caffe si prende un altro genere di pausa…Si sa al capo non si puo’ dire MAI di no anche se le sue fantasie sono alquanto particolari altrimenti si perde il posto di lavoro in un attimo ma in realta’ a me nn dispiace affatto fare la troia x lui per farglielo venire duro…Vuole che parli e faccia la Troia mentre lui si sega cosi’ gli viene duro,che lo provoco spogliandomi lentamente e mi masturbo davanti a lui osservandomi come godo con i giochi che mi ha comprato apposta per queste particolari occasioni di pausa caffe …lui si sega sempre piu’ forte,lo stringe e si arrapa sempre di piu’ quando gli dico quanto mi piace il cazzo e che sono una gran puttana a letto quando scopo. Lo arrapa da morire che mi rivolga a lui inizialmente come se non potesse avermi, gli viene durissimo non resiste piu’ e me lo sbatte nel culo con forza e poi mi fa inginocchiare sotto la scrivania e me lo sbatte in bocca,mi fa succhiare il suo cazzo mentre con la mano mi spinge la testa mi ci fa sputare sopra e mi dice questa e la pratica che sai fare meglio puttana! succhia! tutto in gola lo voglio sentire!E anche oggi ho saputo mantenermi il posto di lavoro:Chissa’ cosa mi chiedera di fare domani ;),Roleplay,camicetta,minigonna,autoreggenti a rete,tacco alto,pompino a dildo,masturbazione figa e anale
Decided to video my smoke session with my 3 1/2 foot hookah! A new twist on my popular smoking fetish clips, with a burlesque feel
An updated version of my very first video. Non-nude clip shows exactly how far I’ve….Cum since I started. 😉
[/b] I decided to try out my new strap-on on Jay & he took it like a champ! I start with some serious ass play to get him good & ready since it’s his first time, then move on to pegging him from every direction possible… By the end I’m so turned on that I strip down & ride his cock until we both cum in pure ecstasy!
1920 X 1080 shot @ 60 frames per second with my GoPro Hero 4 camera. This is a RolePlay show I recorded and uploaded with the customer’s permission. You found out your sexy little step sister’s dirty fucking secret, and you’re going to use it against her to fulfill your fantasy of fucking her up her sweet, tight little asshole. She is of course reluctant to do anything with your cock, but knows she has no choice and you ease her into pleasing you and being your little slut.First she sucks on your cock, and it feels so good you cum right down her throat, but you’ve still got a boner that needs further coaxing and you tell her that you want to take her anally. She tells you that she’s never let anyone fuck her asshole, and mocks you for wanting to fuck your sister up the hole that she p00p5 from. She talks about her hole graphically, hoping she’ll gross you out and not get fucked up her virgin ass, but you just get turned on more by her dirty talk, and start stretching out her sh!t3r.She rips open a hole in her underwear wider and wider as her ass gets fucked and moans, screams, and squirms as you take her anal virginity, but it seems like she enjoyed getting fucked by her step-brother more than she let one, since she has a squirting orgasm before turning around showing off her gaping asshole to you. She seems to be proud of her gaping, used up, dirty little hole
Such a big, long cock. Rose can’t wait to get it down her throat as he stockinged feet kick and swing in the air behind her. She loves licking, sucking, and showing you how far down she can take that big dick!

Watch me slap lotion and rub it all over my huge ass
I slowly pull up my yoga pants over my big butt. I show off how tight my ass looks in yoga pants. After a bit of teasing, the scene cuts to be using Hitachi wand on my clit. Most of the squirt goes down one leg. With the third squirt, you can hear my squirt just flooding the floor below me. I lift up one leg so you can see how soaked one pant leg is. That is when I get the huge squirt explosion. I drain myself dry with a fifth squirt before showing off my very soaking wet yoga pants
I am incredibly bored. I try to come up with some ideas to please myself. I pull out my Hitachi vibrator and consider using it, but I decide that’s just not what I am in the mood for. I want to do something I haven’t done in awhile. I begin strip teasing, slowly lifting my dress up and rubbing my clit. I finally decide I want to give an amazing blowjob! I just LOVE swallowing cum and I want to swallow up every last drop. I start getting myself in the mood with my fingers and keeping my legs spread wide for my Hitachi wand. All I have to do now is find a guy to blow. I find a man wandering the halls, so I grab him and anxiously bring him inside to suck him up. I start kissing and caressing him thru his pants, getting his dick nice and hard for me. (The second half of the video is shot POV with side angle views as well). I grab a small clear glass and start ejaculating him until he shoots his load directly into the cup. I tilt the cup upside down, and pour as much cum into my mouth as I can. Whatever is remaining in the glass after that, I scoop into my mouth with my fingers. After gathering all of the cum into my mouth, I show you it, right before I swallow every last drop and then show you my empty mouth. This video is shot in 1080 HD by Megan Loxx
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[/b] Your hot MILF of a mommy is naked in the bathroom and hovering over the toilet. She starts to pee and right about as she is done, she looks up to see you there watching her. But, she is not angry at all. In fact, she is glad you are there as she has been wanting to talk to you about this for some time now. She tells you to follow her into the bedroom and the two of you are off.When she gets you into the bedroom she has you stand just in front of her and starts to talk very seductively about her body and yours. She knows you watching her pee turned you on and truth be told it turned her on too. So, she decides to take things to a very taboo level and starts to show you her pussy.As she lets the taboo dirty fly she starts to give you masturbation instruction and plenty of encouragement. She rubs her hands all over her body as she talks about her cunt, clit, and her big tits. She knows she has heard you jerking off and knows too that many times it was because of her. She loves how you’ve grown into such a big man and calls you her good boy. She even takes a bit of your pre-cum on her finger and licks it up.She shows off her sexy ass to you too as she knows she has a great ass. Then it is on to the toy she has on her bed. She grabs the life like dildo and shows you what mommy wants to do to your cock. She licks the dildo and finally stuffs it up her pussy. She continues on with the masturbation instruction and she fucks her pussy with the dildo as if it were you fucking her pussy.As she fucks herself, her big tits bounce all over the place. She wants you to cum as she cums. The two of you have an orgasm together and she then takes the dildo out of her cunt and sucks it clean. She tells you mommy will clean up your cum and that you can get ready for bed. She will be in soon to tuck her big boy in.Included in this clip: Taboo, MILF, Pee, Masturbation Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement, Dildo Fucking, JOI, Big Tits, Bouncing Boobs, Bald Pussy, Mommy and Son Fantasy, Watch Mommy Pee, Blonde MILF, Blondes
Custom video!(a lil wonky on the cropping and placement of myself on the bed, but it has good framerate and it’s HD
I fuck my ass with fuck machine till i cant handle it anymore