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“Yes, you were great,” I admitted. “You can’t just hop in the shower with me. We need some boundaries.””I know you do,” Kelly said, hugging him. “That’s why you’re so perfect.””Thank you for the wonderful show last night! We thoroughly enjoyed watching the four of you play. We don’t know if you knew or not that you could be seen from our house, so we’re very sorry if we’ve intruded on your privacy. Please accept our gift to you.”Ia’s eyelids fluttered. She was lost in denial, but Elly’s words sank into her like poison from a frog’s back, suffusing her.

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By the time I came back to my senses and opened my eyes, Cassidy was looking up at me with a beaming smile and a twinkle in her bright blue eyes. She had clearly swallowed all of my load.He accepted the mug and stared down at it, full of dread. The fluid inside was viscous and the color of a creamy amber, like melted butter. It was mead. True mead, the kind the Thriae were known for. Just as addictive and delicious and arousing as the honey, but imbued with a wonderful enough scent to brainwash a man from forty yards, given time.”Okay,” Cassie responded with a smile. “That works for me. Just yell when you’re ready.””Good.”