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I eventually realized I was being an idiot. I had fantasized about Cassidy blowing me, dreamed about it, wished for it. And now it was happening right in front of me! Her long, fiery red hair hung over her face, hiding most of what was happening, but it was still a dream to watch her locks tumbled back and forth while her wet mouth suckled on my cock. She suckled noisily and hummed as her wet cheeks slid up and down my throbbing pole. Cassidy looked up and me from beneath her hair, her tongue swirling again around my cock head and she held just the tip of my cock between her full lips. She smiled when her blue eyes met mine.If I had any doubt, his remark of “Damn, she’s tight” cleared that up.The stiff hose had burrowed deeper and deeper, eliciting delighted cries of “Wow!” and “Yeah!” and “Awesome!” from the boys, and cries of “Oh!” and “Ah!” from Tiffany as well. Finally, after watching their father stow almost the entire length of unwieldy hose away, the boys had agreed that stowing it away was definitely “a good idea!”My mind was spinning, overloading trying to process Cassidy’s offer. Looking back, I wonder if my eyes were displaying that spinning hourglass icon from when computers are taking a while to process something. This was the OPPOSITE of what I had wanted when I had agreed to let Cassidy move in. That was my overriding thought. Fooling around with your roommate was even more dangerous than fooling around with a close female friend. Something was bound to go wrong.

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