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“Hey, John, I’ve got some lumber I need to move that’s too big for me to handle by myself. If you’re interested in helping me, I’ll give you a few dollars for your trouble.””Jenna, I have to say I don’t like how you’re speaking to me.””I told him what high school girl could resist the idea of $1,000.00 to spend on clothes and fashions and stuff like that.””Are you okay?” John asked.

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It was the catgirl who’d hypnotized him before! ‘Mew’, the one they’d been waiting for! He stared up in awe at her gorgeous freckled face, longing for her to start teasing him the way her sisters had.I turned around blushing in embarrassment as I made my way through the crowd hoping no one had heard her. We were going to have to get out of here and quick.If I didn’t know her age for a fact, I would swear this wasn’t an nineteen-year-old I was dealing with. She sure as hell wasn’t the Little Miss Innocent Doug and I had envisioned her as. Even though I knew I shouldn’t do it, I started to imagine what those perky little tits would look like and how her long legs would look wrapped around Doug’s waist.”Of course you would,” Tom laughed, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a packet of hundred dollar bills and handing it to her. “$1,000.00 is a lot of money, Kelly, don’t you think?”